Draft - Evolution of AI Red Team | 05 September 2023

A short post on the evolution of the Artificial Intelligence Red Teams.

What is red teaming?

Before jumping to AI Red Teams, let’s do a quick recap on traditional red teaming. A good definition is provided by Joe Vest and James Tubberville in their book, Red Team Operations and Development.

Red Teaming is the process of using tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to emulate a real-world threat, with the goal of measuring the effectiveness of the people, processes and technologies used to defend an environment.

So, what could be an AI Red team?

Here is a thought exercise for you; AI red teams are just traditional red teams which heavily use AI and ML systems to carry out attacks, create FUD malware, craft phishing pretext, evade defenses etc. Needless to say, offensive security professionals/red teams and threat actors are heavily relying on Chat-GPT, similar GPT systems etc. for carrying out a wide variety of actions.
Well, You are wrong buddy!
This is a misleading concept. Even if red teams are using AI systems to assist them in operations, technically we cannot call them AI Red Teams. Again, who knows? I could be wrong!

Then, What really is an AI Red Team?

AI red teams are specialized groups that use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning techniques to simulate attacks and identify vulnerabilities within an organization's systems, infrastructure, or AI-driven processes.
We could say that an AI Red Team is an offensive security specialized team within an organization that focuses on assessing the security and reliability of artificial intelligence (AI) systems OR AI powered processes.

Simillar to traditional red teams, which simulate attacks to assess defenses, AI Red Teams specifically concentrate on evaluating AI systems for vulnerabilities and potential threats. AI red teams perform adversarial actions to understand how AI systems slash technologies could be compromised, and how they respond to the adversaries. These actions help organizations to assess and improve the defenses deployed for AI systems and improve the security posture of the systems and technologies.

Image credits goes to unsplash.com
Last updated on 08 Sep 2023

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