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password rig

Building a password cracking rig in the cloud

This is about setting up a password cracking box in the Google cloud platform with GPUs and Hashcat.

AI Anti-virus

Who wants to fool an AI anti-virus?

Bypassing the pair of an Artificial Intelligence Anti-virus product and Windows Defender

commando vm

Commando VM : Windows offensive distribution from FireEye

Here comes FireEye for our rescue, The researchers in FireEye has created a Windows distribution focused on supporting penetration testers and red teamers. They are calling it the the Complete Mandiant Offensive VM aka Commando VM!


Build cheaper version of Rubber ducky or BadUSB using Digispark Attiny85

BadUSB is a very dangerous vulnerability in USB devices, it allows the attackers to program the microcontrollers in these devices to make it behave like HID (Human interface devices) instead of simple storage drives.