Book review: 100 deadly skills - survival edition | 08 November 2021

I was down with COVID for the past couple of weeks! Halfway to finishing 100 Deadly Skills: Survival edition by Clint Emerson!
Right now, it feels like taking swimming lessons via postal. :) Anyway, this is fun and the relevant survival skills could be put into use, once I'm back on my feet!
I will be sharing a detailed review of this wonderful book once I've finished reading.

Post Covid, Really?

Wrapped up reading 100 Deadly Skills: Survival Edition by Clint Emerson, and wanted to share my thoughts. If you are into cool tricks and secrets for being safe, then this is a book you will enjoy. It is not just about serious stuff, it is like a fun adventure guide to learning survival things. This book mixes serious survival ideas with funny explanations. It will not make you a superhero overnight, but it will teach you cool things that might come in handy someday.
The book covers lots of skills, from hiding tricks to handling emergencies. It is not just for operatives or survival specialists, it is for anyone who wants to be more prepared. You can use some of these tricks in real life, like when you go camping or have to fix something unexpectedly.

Clint Emerson makes learning feel like exploring secret missions, you will laugh while you are learning. The author's funny and cool approach ensures that each skill is not only explained but also brought to life in a way that makes learning feel like you are in an adventure.
I liked how he mixes serious survival tips with some humor. And dont worry, you will not suddenly become a spy or anything, but you'll definitely feel more prepared for different situations.

Explore this book if you are interested in acquiring insights from covert operatives or survival specialists. While it will not transform you into Bear Grylls, Jason Bourne, or Ethan Hunt, it could offer an enjoyable reading experience.
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