Red Team Village - c0c0n 2020 - Village talks kickoff discussion.

About the talk.

This discussion was a part of c0c0n 2020 Red Team Village on 17-18 Sep, 2020. This is more like a casual discussion between friends. I've had an opportunity to be in a panel with the legends of security community. The purpose of this discussion as to kickstart the Village talks and other activities. The panel includes,
Adam Laurie, Global Security Associate Partner and Lead Hardware Hacker at IBM X-Force Red
Antriksh Shah, Founder at, Co-Founder Nullcon International Security Conference
Dhillon ‘L33tdawg’ Kannabhiran, Founder / Chief Executive Officer, Hack In The Box
Manu Zacharia, President at ISRA and founder of c0c0n

slides and videos.

Original video can be found here.

Thank you note.

Special shout-out goes to The c0c0n 2020, Kerala Police CyberDome, Nullcon, HITB

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