Introducing Adversary Village at DEF CON 29 Hacking Conference | 6-8 August 2021, Las Vegas

Adversary Village is a community initiative which purely focuses on Adversary simulation, adversary emulation, threat/APT emulation, breach and attack simulation, Ransomware emulation, supply chain security, adversary tactics, adversary life, adversary philosophy, urban survival skills and purple teaming.

Adversary Village is different from any of what has been covered in the existing villages because our focus is on simulation of the actions of a threat actor or an adversary group. As this domain matures, we anticipate active participation from enterprises as such simulations would help immensely towards internal capacity building from having a "live fire" training opportunity.

An increasing number of researchers too are focusing on building tools and techniques for simulation of various adversarial actions against an organization or Supply chain, instead of actual real-world exploitation. The goal of the Adversary Village would be to build an open Security community for the researchers and organizations, who are putting together new means and methodologies towards the simulation/emulation of adversary tactics and purple teaming.

We have hosted the first edition of Adversary Village, as part of DEF CON Villages virtually at DEF CON 29 hacking and cyber security conference, Las Vegas.

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Special shout-out goes to Jeff Moss, Zant, David Kennedy, All of our sponsors, Speakers and Volunteers!

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