About Tactical Adversary™ Project.

I believe we're all eternal noobs; we get to learn new things from our day-to-day experience and the beloved contributors of the security community.
The goal of Tactical Adversary project is to gain knowledge about different red teaming and adversarial attack simulation tactics, and publish the same under an unique name.
I hope this would act as a public journal for me and like-minded folks out-there.


Abhijith "Abx" B R

"Tactical Adversary project is a flagship, to bring adversary tactics under one location."

Abhijith also known by the psuedonym Abx, has more than a decade of experience in the Information and Cyber Security domain. Currently Leading offensive security operations for a global FinTech company. Formerly the Deputy Manager - Cyber Security at Nissan Motor Corporation, previously employed with EY as a Senior security analyst.

He is the founder and organizer of Adversary Village at DEF CON, a community which focuses on Adversary Simulation, Adversary Tactics and related topics; also acts as the Lead Organizer of an official DEFCON Group (https://dc0471.org/). He has recently started running (https://tacticaladversary.io/) project.

Abhijith has spoken at various cyber security conferences such as Nullcon, c0c0n, BSides, OWASP Seasides, DEFCON 28 safemode - DCG Village, The Diana Initiative, Opensource India, DEF CON 29 etc